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About Our Floral and Candle Shoppe in Hooksett, NH

As we begin to celebrate another year in business, we can barely make time to look back and reflect. What once started out as a small center city flower shop with a pinch of country flair seems like a distant memory and has evolved into a decorator's haven. Amongst the fresh cut flowers and unique floral arrangements is a Whole other world of home embellishments. Who knew 30 years ago that a small table of Yankee tapered candles would later transform into hutches and hutches of wonderful aromas, styles, and accessories to complement a local florist. In addition to our candle selection is a wide selection of décor in all ranges, from primitive to modern country.

We pride ourselves on the many different personal styles we are able to please. Our displays are packed full with prints, signs, pottery, wrought iron, braided rugs, jewelry, potpourri, lamps, stars, dried wreaths…The list is too long to print!

One of the greatest lessons that we have learned is that no two country homes are alike. We may all share in common our love for that warm and cozy feeling, but how that is achieved can only be found in our very own personal space. One step inside our shop and you will find an instant connection to comfort. You may find many items, or maybe just that one piece that your home has been waiting for. Nonetheless, your future will be filled with many more visits.

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